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face down in the dirt she says this doesnt hurt - i tried to change myself [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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face down in the dirt she says this doesnt hurt [May. 12th, 2007|06:43 am]
[music |justify-red jumpsuit apparatus]

okay so this is my dream...
i was walking down a sidewalk with fields and trees and a street on one side
and chris was with me
all of a sudden someone starts throwing golf balls at me
its todd and brent campbell
i hide behind chris and he protects me
and we start running
and were laughing and having fun
and we get to this clearing and there are like a ton of people there
among them chris's parents and joline
we are exhausted so we lay down
and i'm laying there with my head on his stomach
and i see joline and i feel really bad
so for some reason i say lets get up and get a drink
because i know that if we do we'll at least run into joline and talk to her
well we do and as we do it chris ditches me for joline
and i'm just like "i hate you joline"
and then i'm like in jolines place
i see her and i say
"the only reason i got up is because i felt sorry for you"
and i dont remember much more...