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lets get together and start a commotion... - i tried to change myself [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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lets get together and start a commotion... [Aug. 14th, 2006|10:47 am]
[mood |okaysome good some bad]
[music |the notion-fm static]

wow...things seem so good right now...
uhhh...caleb is so great...
the only thing is jaimie
i dont get it
so many guys like her...she is amazing
shes beautiful and nice and funny and so outgoing...
and she knows she could have almost any guy she could want
but why does she like the guys that like me???
this has happened three times
and now caleb
okay so i liked brandon and she made me feel like crap the whole time i was dating him...
but i never liked AJ and i never had any interest in him
even when jill was trying to make me guess who at powersource liked me
i told her the only people (that i was friends with ) that i would totally not ever date for sure was colin and AJ...
but caleb i do like
i want to tell the whole world about what an amazing fantastic smart funny wonderful radtabulous guy he is
and i know that just because i liked him first doesnt mean i have a claim on him or anything
and i know that i would not have talked to him nearly as much if it wasnt for jaimie
but like eileen said
when i thought that jaimie had more of a chance with him than i did
i was so happy for her...
why cant she just be happy for me you know...
and maybe i am way off base because i have never heard it from him that he likes me...
just everyone else...hmmmmm...
i mean i do feel sorry for her...
but she told me that shes already been asked to homecoming in durand four times
shes only lived there for like three weeks
uhhhhhhhhh...whatever...i hate highschool drama...

[User Picture]From: pregnantsponge
2006-08-14 05:36 pm (UTC)
sup i love fm static. their new cd is pretty kewl
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