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you know what... things are actually going good i feel like a good… - i tried to change myself [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 8th, 2007|09:59 pm]
[music |sympathy for the martyr-straylight run]

you know what...
things are actually going good
i feel like a good person
sometimes i miss being friends with amy and eileen
but i love my life right now
every breath is worth it
every day i hate school but it's worth it
i love emelyn baker
i wish she knew how much i adore her
i wish i could be exactly the person that she wants me to be
so that she would like me more
i know i'm annoying to most people
but i guess i'm beyond caring
things are looking up
me and faith had a long talk tonight about nothing in particular
i love that girl
she is so inspiring
and i wish i could be that cute
i love track this year
i like being able to hang out with everyone
i really like the thompson boys
chris is so smart
and i like to mess with him
and alex is just funny
it amazes me how good they are at disc
i wish i enjoyed disc like them
something inside of me is so bubbly right now
even though i didn't like the play at first
it ended off on a good note
i'm so glad that i'm friends with sarah baxter
and michelle and bryce
and i can appreciate emmy and katie o
even if they did get on my nerves a little
they are good at acting and dancing
they are probably the best dancers there
i just need to work on taking criticism
speaking of which
i think me and ben are working out too
he invited me to a bonfire
even though i couldnt come it made me happy
life is so wonderful